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Optimal Booker

Advertising your holiday home + Renting an advertising website with a direct booking system

annual subscription

170 € 119 € first year

39 € every following one

Our subscription service allows you to rent an advertising website for your Property reservations, hosted directly on our Holiday Home Booker web portal. See live example.

This means that you not only get comprehensive promotion of the property, but also a dedicated booking website that guests can use to secure their stay. It is a simple solution that facilitates the entire booking process.

All you have to do is fill out the application form and register your Property, and we'll make an offer for building your website.

What you get in your annual advertising subscription:

  • Rent of Ad webpage with direct booking system for your property Use of the direct booking system for your accommodation on a fully and detailed advertisement webpage within our portal.
  • Booking admin panel: Easily manage bookings, guest records, correspondence and pricing through a user-friendly admin panel.
  • Creating a booking calendar: Display the availability of your property and allow guests to book directly through the calendar.
  • Booking e-mail address: You get a special booking e-mail address and simply connect it to the booking interface.
  • Creation of English language content: We will create attractive English language content to attract an international audience
  • Ad card of your property on our Holiday Home Booker map: Your property will be visible on our popular map, attracting the attention of potential guests.
  • Ad card on Holiday Home Booker home page: Your property will also be displayed on our slider info card.
  • Location of the object on the map: Precisely marked location of your object on the map for easier finding.
  • Making the main menu: Professionally designed and organized main menu for easy navigation on the advertising webpage.
  • About us section: We describe your facility and its unique features in an interesting and informative way.
  • Section "Accommodation": We provide detailed information about the capacities and contents of your facility.
  • Section "Gallery": We present your facility through a visually attractive gallery of images.
  • Reviews section: We display Google reviews to build trust and credibility.
  • Section "Contents": Highlight all the facilities and features that your facility offers, such as a pool, sauna or tavern.
  • Section "Google Maps": Help guests easily find your property on the map.
  • Section "House Rules": Clearly communicated rules and house rules of your facility.
  • Footer section: Relevant contact information and details about your facility included.
  • Promotion on our portal: Benefit from additional exposure by promoting your facility on our platform.
  • Social media promotion: We will feature your property on our social networks to extend the reach of your offer.
  • SEO optimization: Improved visibility of the ad page in search results and attracting more organic traffic.
  • 100% responsive and modern design: Your ad webpage will look great and work flawlessly on all devices.
  • No commission on bookings: As a digital marketing agency, we do not charge a commission on bookings or participate in the process itself. Our primary purpose is to create digital content and advertise your accommodation, while the booking process takes place directly between you and your guests.
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