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Advertising of your Holiday home + link to your booking page

annual subscription

119 € 60 € yearly

Our subscription service allows you to create a web card for your reservation Property, located directly on our Holiday Home Booker portal. This means you not only get comprehensive property promotion, but also a dedicated web booking tab that guests can click on and visit your existing booking website or platform.

All you have to do is fill out the application form and register your Property, and we will make you an offer for advertising on our portal.

What you get in your annual advertising subscription:

  • Ad card of your property on our Holiday Home Booker map: Your property will be visible on our popular map, attracting the attention of potential guests.
  • Ad card of your property on our Holiday Home Booker webpage: Your property will also be displayed on our category webpage.
  • Linking your existing website or direct booking platform: We will add a link to your existing website or direct booking platform, to allow guests to communicate more easily. (Your website, Google Business Site, Facebook profile, Instagram profile...)
  • Creating English language content: Creating engaging English language content to reach an international audience.
  • Location of the object on the map: A clear display of the location of your object on the map makes it easier for guests to find and reach it.
  • Key information about the facility: Highlighted the most important information about the facility, so that guests can quickly get the necessary information.
  • Short description of the accommodation: A clear and attractive description of your accommodation.
  • Main image of the object: Display the main image of the object that will attract attention and create a first impression.
  • Promotion on our portal: Promotion of your facility and advertising.
  • Promotion on social networks: Displaying your property on our social networks to increase visibility.
  • SEO optimization: Improved visibility of your ad card in search engines to attract more guests.
  • 100% responsive and modern design: Your ad card will look great and adapt to all devices.
  • No commission on bookings: As a digital marketing agency, we do not charge a commission on bookings or participate in the process itself. Our primary purpose is to create digital content and advertise your accommodation, while the booking process takes place directly between you and your guests.
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